Remote / Strategy / Contractor Juno MBA Fellow - BNPL negotiation group

This is NOT the typical MBA fellowship. We’re crafting work streams for key strategic projects with dev resources, budget, and YOU in charge of execution. This is the MBA fellowship we would’ve loved to have.

Buy Now, Pay Later companies (Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, etc.) charge a fee (4-6%) to online merchants. Larger merchants typically negotiate better rates than smaller stores. We’re gathering 1,000 merchants and attempting to negotiate better terms with BNPL players on their behalf.

You can learn more here:

We are looking for 2 MBA leaders who can help us with this launch. The objective is simple: get the first 1,000 merchants to join the negotiation group in a 30-day window. You’ll be the general manager of the project, and you’ll have a $10k budget to execute however you want.

Want to spend it on email marketing? Fine

Want to sponsor an event for merchants? Fine

Want to give monetary incentives to merchants? Fine

Besides the budget, we will pay a stipend for your effort!