Remote / Engineering / Full-time Senior Backend (PHP / Laravel) Developer

Join us as a Senior Backend Developer at a fast growing, venture-backed company based in the United States!

Who we are. 

Juno is the first collective bargaining group for financial products. Since 2018, we've saved our members nearly $40M in interest and fees on their student loans. Now, we are expanding our suite of products to include insurance, auto loans, and even test prep!

We are backed by some of the country's top Venture Capital firms (NFX, GFC, Pear) as well as the founders of SoFi and Earnest. Learn more about us in TechCrunch or Yahoo Finance. It is an exciting time to join the company.

Why join?

We're fixing an enormous problem (opaque and uncompetitive pricing of financial products) with an innovative, yet simple solution. We use group buying power to get providers to compete with each other and offer the most affordable products to our members. 

We are looking for a senior PHP / Laravel Developer to continue to expand our platform. The ideal candidate for this role has several years of experience with backend development, understands advanced design patterns, can design databases and has a basic understanding of dev ops.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience with Laravel

  • 5+ years of experience with API Development

  • 5+ years of experience with Database Design

  • 5+ years of experience with Testing Applications (PHPUnit / Dusk)

  • Knowledge and experience applying OOPS programming concepts, SOLID principles, MVC Architecture and advanced design patterns

  • Excellent communication skills (English) for communicating with internal stakeholder

  • It would be great to see some front end experience as well.


We are offering between $14 per hour to $35 per hour based on your experience, location and interview performance.

Hiring Process:

Step 1: Application Review

We will review your resume and application to determine if we’d like to invite you to the next round.

Step 2: Coding Test

We will assign you a coding test. This will be emailed to you. Once you’ve completed the coding challenge within the time limit, we will review your work to determine if you would move to the next round.

Step 3: Technical Interview

During the technical interview, we will discuss the coding challenge. In addition, we will test your knowledge of OOPS programming concepts, SOLID principles, etc.

Step 4: Behavioral Interview

During the behavioral interview, we will determine if we expect you to have a good working relationship with the existing team and have exhibited the traits we expect from the team in prior roles.

Step 5: Final Interview

Depending on who you’ve met, we may ask you to join another call. At this point, we would want to ensure you’ve had the opportunity to meet at least both the founders of Juno as well as any additional members we’d want you to meet.

Our Tech Stack:


We run on AWS. We use EC2, SES, S3, RDS and other AWS offerings regularly. We rarely use other cloud products.

Laravel Ecosystem

We have generally adopted the “typical” tools used along with Laravel. For example, we often use Laravel Nova, Forge, Envoyer, Horizon, Cashier etc. The team has a subscription to Laracasts.

Front End

Our frontend is fairly basic at the moment. The site utilizes the Bootstrap CSS framework extensively. In addition, we use the Tailwind CSS Framework as well. We use Blade to manage our templates. Occasionally, we use live wire components, jQuery and/or Vue.js based on what we are building.

Working Relationship and Team Culture:

We work in an extremely fast paced environment. This means that we may not be working in 2 week sprints etc. Oftentimes, requirements are discussed on Monday and by Wednesday we might be live with a feature in production. When considering working with us, we recommend you consider if this is a good fit for you. 

You should not expect detailed Jira tickets that you just have to follow and execute on. Sometimes requirements are provided verbally on a zoom call. Other times, you may be working side-by-side with a requirements owner and developing small features / making changes on the fly.

Daily Standup

You are expected to attend daily stand up at 10am ET.

Work from Home with predictable hours

While the entire team currently works from home, the team maintains predictable hours. Similarly, your  schedule should be set so that the team knows when they can expect to have real-time communication with you.

Regular Working Hours

While you have some flexibility around your work schedule, at least 6 hours per day are expected between 10am to 6pm ET.

Jira, Slack, Zoom

We use Jira, Slack and Zoom daily as the primary means of communication. We expect you to be comfortable using these regularly and have an internet connection that supports video chat regularly.