Work at Juno

Join us and move the needle on affordable financial products

For students, by students

A few years ago, Nikhil Agarwal and Chris Abkarians got into Harvard Business School and then the dreaded tuition bill came. That summer, instead of taking expensive loans, they got 700 students from 10 schools together and negotiated lower rates for the entire group, saving their classmates ~$15K each.

Juno (formerly known as LeverEdge) came into existence from their desire to use the power of collective bargaining to turn the tables and give more leverage to the everyday consumer. Today, Juno is committed to helping our members access more affordable student loans, refinancing, student health insurance, test prep and beyond at no cost to them.

Surround yourself with interesting people

Juno celebrates diversity in people, backgrounds, and life experiences. Prior to starting Juno, Nikhil was an aerospace engineer at Boeing and Chris worked on the content team at Netflix. Since we’ve had to transition to being fully remote, we’ve leaned into the ability to work with talented people around the world and we now have team members based across the United States, Canada, Armenia, Egypt, India, and Peru. We love hearing everyone’s stories (and learning a bit too much about how little holds a plane together) during our (virtual) happy hours.

Got an idea? Let’s hear it.

Our most valuable asset are the ideas of our team members. We never say no to a challenge, and we always put our mission and our members first. We thrive in a truly collaborative environment where everyone shares feedback and raises ideas. When something comes up, we support each other through it. When something doesn’t work, we learn from it and try something else. We build a lot of things, and we have fun doing it together.

Build something that matters

We like to say that we’re a for-profit organization with a non-profit mission. Our mission isn’t just something that we plaster on a wall– we live and breathe it every day. We are always on our members’ side, and everything we do and think about has the goal of improving our members’ experience. We are fully transparent around how we make money and we give much of it back to our members in the form of cash back and scholarships. Everyone on the team is here to make an impact on making education & financing more affordable and accessible.


We care about taking care of our team. We offer excellent health, vision, and dental insurance, a 401(k) match, unlimited paid time off, and a home office stipend to our team on top of competitive salaries and equity for full-time staff.